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About PDTA 

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." – Phil Jackson

CEO, Founder - Mohamed Ezzat Ali, Egypt



International certified trainer and member in several international and national organizations about training and consultant for several organizations, governments, and training centers.

He studied in more than 9 countries in different fields of dog training: obedience, protection, detection, and forensics service.

In 2013 he created first successful in all the world project for palms disease protection by dogs and he is managing it up to now.

Consultant director of (G.I.O.T.K9) in the Middle East

Certified member level 3 in the National Association of Professional Dog Trainers (ANACP)

Certified member of International Operator Tactical Organization (G.I.O.T.K9)

Certified member of the International Organization of Detection Dog Trainers (I.G.T.D.D)

Certified member of Karen Pryor Academy for clicker training programs

Silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists



Animals management.  Animal ACADEMY - UK

Animal training series.  Animal training academy, UK 

CPR First Aid course.  First aid for pets - USA

IPO Obedience. Adiestramineto ALTEA - Spain

Dog Training Diploma.  Centre of K9 - UK

Dog's Confidence. Victoria Stilwell Academy for dog training & behavior - USA

Advanced clicker training.  Karen Pryor Academy - USA

Animal behavior and welfare. The University of Edinburgh - UK

Be a veterinarian.  The University of Edinburgh - UK

Dogs' emotions and cognition.  Duke University - USA

Colonization of odorant detection dogs and bases of forensics.  ATTACK-CAN-INTERNATIONAL - ARGENTINA

RPW insects, detection, and protection  Gassim university - KSA

Project management professional - KSA

Guide dogs substance detectors Level 3.  Solcan K9 Academy - Spain

Rhynchophorus ferruginous detector dog.  LUCA PLANT - Spain

Principles of first aid. Saudi Red Crescent Authority - KSA

Performance management fundamentals.  Yousef Abdullatif Jameel Co. Ltd - KSA

PD. Trainer - Daniel Rodriguez, Spain

Officer and trainer of the Spanish Police Anti-Narcotics Unit worked as an officer and trainer in the International Narcotics Control Unit in (Spain - Germany - Belgium)
Certified trainer from the dogs' unit of work in the Spanish Ministry of the Interior
Director of the Training Program for Dog Detection Units at the Valencia Police
Spain champion 2 times in dog sports competition


International license as a professional dog trainer.

Arbitration license from the Spanish Federation of Dog Trainers

Certified member level 3 in the National Association of Professional dog trainers (ANACP)


Diploma in dogs protection programs management in the Spanish Ministry of the Interior

Diploma in control and control for dogs of smell

Diploma in dog training at the Spanish Ministry of the Interior

Diploma in dog training and protection of civilians

Diploma in drug detection (Drug Control Unit of the Ministry of the Interior of Belgium)

Performance improvement course

Criminal Research Diploma

The advanced obedience training course

The advanced attack training course

Obedience and competitive sports training for dogs

A training course in advanced obedience orders

PD. Trainer - Darwin Madrid, Peru

A former officer in the United Nations forces operating in Afghanistan

A certified trainer from the International Organisation for International Customs Control

Member of the International Federation of Tactical Dog Trainers,
Training Officer for the Dog Protection Corps of the Air Force of Peru

Director of the Dog Detection Team and the Insurance of Diplomatic Missions in Peru
A certified trainer from the Academy of dog trainers, professional in detection and protection

Dog Training and Detection Department - World Customs Organisation - Czech Republic

Dual-purpose dog training diploma (detection and protection) Ministry of Defence - United States of America

Veterinary technician diploma for dogs

Police Dog Training Diploma - USA

Criminal Research Diploma - Argentina

Diploma in securing government headquarters and departments

War dogs diploma

Diploma in the detection of explosive materials

PD. Trainer - Paloma Scot, Spain

6 years of experience in dog competitions

The former head of the dog detection team in Spanish league stadiums

Member in National Spanish Federation of professional dog trainers

PD. Trainer - Fabiana Velez, Argentina

Expert in special needs dog training
Expert in dog first aid training

International dog trainer and teacher for dog trainers

Training instructor in 3 countries

PD. Trainer - Oscar Soto, Mexico

Criminalistic, etiology, and conferansist teacher

Specialist in Reconstruction of facts and odorology forensic
10 years of experience in working and training dogs

Member in the international organization of tactical dog trainers

Project manager - Yulia Garaeva, Russia

10 years experience in management in IT sector

Head of customer service and billing system operations

Managed several international successful projects for private
companies and government

Client manager - Yasmin Yassin, Egypt

PDTA reliable client manager

5 years of experience with dog treatment and breeding

Holds PDTA behavior modification and obedience training course certificate


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